Uncover a wealth of tools, strategies and resources to bring more harmony and joy into your home so that you can let let go of worry, guilt, and feeling overwhelmed as you navigate your role of parenting or guiding children.  

Discover how to inspire and empower kids to make wise decisions for themselves, rather than giving into peer pressure or following the crowd.  

Learn how to bring more harmony into your home by encouraging kids to help with chores, do their homework and be more independent without yelling, nagging or lecturing.

We are so fortunate to have been referred to Nola and the Confident Happy Kids program. Our son was having difficulties with bullying and was really struggling with his peers in school. My husband and I were at a loss as to what to do until we were referred to Nola.  

Nola was an instrumental part in helping our son Keelan through some sad and frustrating times. Nola gave Keelan confidence, excellent coping skills and a positive outlook. He loved his time with Nola and we saw a huge change in him immediately. 

Nola helped him to believe in himself and to be proud of who he was. She taught him how to deal with stressful situations and how to have fun. He was able to resolve his issues in school and truly stand up for himself.  

Nola also helped my husband and I to be more present in our children's lives. She helped us to communicate more effectively with our children and with each other.  

 Crystal Sliptetz  

Nola provided youth with personal counselling as well as small group support within our Wellness Centre at the Forest Lawn High School. 

I appreciated all her kindness and support to our vulnerable youth. It is people such as Nola who truly make a difference in the lives of youth impacted by mental health issues and other issues that make it challenging to focus on school and be successful academically.  

Nola was able to reach out to these youth at risk and supported them to achieve success and make healthier choices.  

Tina Merali Learning Leader Nelson Mandela High School

My daughter Cerena, has been a coaching client of Nola’s for a few years. Throughout this important time in her life, Nola has been a “rock” for her.  

A visit to Nola’s has meant a safe and welcoming opportunity to discuss feelings, emotions, victories and upsets. There has never once been a time when she’s left a visit when she hasn’t felt calm and uplifted - with new perspective on the day.  

Cerena is a confident and happy teenage girl - and we owe huge thanks to Nola for helping her to develop coping skills and a positive outlook!  

Cindy Bond Grateful mother & huge fan

Nola Peacock is passionate about making the world’s future a brighter one.  

As an author, speaker, coach, trainer and founder of Confident Happy Kids, Nola helps kids and their parents to create happy, harmonious and fun filled lives through her Confident Happy Kids and Parents programs.  

Nola brings her experience as a pediatric nurse, a mentor for kids for over 30 years, as well as her strong intuition to help empower kids.  

With the increase in the number of kids struggling with fear, anxiety, and even depression, Nola is committed to changing this through powerful, yet easily learned techniques to boost confidence and build resilience.  

Nola also offers great processes for parents to build strong connections with their kids improve communication and cooperation and make parenting a whole lot easier. 

Tickets for the 'Creating Confident Kids' & 'Happy Families Event' including 'Inspiring Parent Award Ceremony' $97.00


Tickets for the 'Inspiring Parent Award Ceremony' from 4:00 to 5:00pm $47.00

Tickets for 'kids' (16 & under) participating at the 'Inspiring Parent Award Ceremony' $27.00

  Nominate an Inspiring Parent or Mentor Nominations Open until May 1, 2018 Nominate a parent or mentor who has inspired a child or teen (or many) to be all they can be! 2018 Inspiring Parents/Mentors Awards

Do you know an Inspiring Parent or Mentor? 

An inspiring parent or mentor is an extraordinary person who leads by example, follows their passion, and inspires their own or other children/teens to live their lives fully and be all they can be. This person is motivated to make a difference, creative, and a positive role model for youth, who leads by example with compassion, commitment, confidence and integrity. This person empowers youth to live their life authentically, courageously and to make a difference.  

What’s Unique About Our Awards? 

Our awards ceremony is an inspirational public event featuring inspiring speakers, experts, resources, and products to support families to have harmony, connection, communication, love and lots of fun together. This event is about supporting anyone who touches a child’s life. It’s about connecting, supporting, learning and collaborating together to create a better world for our future.  

Keynote Speaker: Nola Peacock of Confident Happy Kids  

3 Strategies to Increase the Connection, Harmony and Fun In Your Home  

> Are you tired of nagging and negotiation with your child? > Are you ready to parent without power struggles? > Are you ready to build a stronger connection with your kids?  

Kids are wired to resist being told what to do. Discover 3 simple strategies to help you become the calm, loving leader of your children’s lives. Learn how to stay cool so that you can respond in a way that fosters cooperation and reduces power struggles around issues like screen time, homework and bedtime. Create a life with your children that is relaxed, stress-free, and enjoyable!  

Believe in Miracles  

This parent has been creative, courageous and resourceful in finding solutions for their child (children). Against all odds, he/she has stayed positive, believed in miracles, and refused to give in, no matter how tough things got.  

They have instilled the belief that anything is possible in their child (children).

Live Without Limits  

This parent or mentor follows their own passion and dreams making significant contributions to the world as an authentic leader. He/she is a role model and advocate for youth while empowering and supporting children/teens.  

This person continually stretches themselves out of their comfort zone and lives their life without regrets.

Create Special Moments  

This parent believes in creating lasting, loving and very special moments together with his/her kids. He/she understands how precious life is and continually looks at the big picture.  

This parent is playful, compassionate and loving and enriches the lives of his/her children and others around him/her.

Magnificent Mom  

This mom makes life extra special for her child/children while also taking care of herself.  

She finds creative ways to inspire, empower, and guide her child/children to move mountains and realize their dreams, with gentleness and compassion.  

Devoted Dad  

This dad makes life extra special for his child/children while also taking care of himself.  

He finds creative ways to inspire, empower, and guide his child/children to move mountains and realize their dreams, with gentleness and compassion. 


This person inspires youth to be their best. He/she helps youth believe in themselves and use their own inner guidance to make decisions that are best for them.  

This person also encourages, empowers, and inspires youth to follow their dreams.

Tickets for the 'Creating Confident Kids' & 'Happy Families Event' including 'Inspiring Parent Award Ceremony' $97.00


Tickets for the 'Inspiring Parent Award Ceremony' from 4:00 to 5:00pm $47.00

Tickets for 'kids' (16 & under) participating at the 'Inspiring Parent Award Ceremony' $27.00